How to go tiny in 6 steps

Acquiring a tiny house on wheels may seem difficult; finding a location where to place it, defining your needs and priorities, delivery…
All these steps can be real obstacles if you are not ready. What if the process wasn’t that hard to go through? This is exactly what we bring you with this article. Here you can find 6 steps how to go tiny easily.

1. Start by getting inspired

While you’ve likely spent dozens of hours on Instagram and Pinterest admiring tiny houses, you’ll now get to do this with a purpose in mind. Take note of more than just the styles you admire, but also the interior layout and materials you think will work best for you.
In Solid, we are ready to help you with design ideas too. You can visit our finished projects page where you can find houses to be inspired by.
tiny houses on pinterest

2. Define your priorities based on your needs

No, living in 25 sq/m isn’t made for everyone. Good news is there is possibility to increase the size of your tiny house. For example, we have built tiny houses which were connected to each other, so it is a 2-room apartment on wheels! As the future user of your house, it is important to ask yourself on what you really need in terms of size, interior design, storage, etc.

For us, it is important to do our best in designing and building of your dream Tiny House.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when thinking about design:

-What is the minimal surface you need?

-Which area/room is the most important for you?

-Do you need your house fully transportable?

-Do you want to go off-grid?

-What type of heating do you prefer?

-How many people will live in the Tiny House?

Being the future occupant of the tiny house, it is important for you to think of these details before you even go on with your project, as it influences on the creation process and design.

modular tiny house in france

3. Find a location for your house

When a tiny house is on wheels, it is categorized as a mobile home. In that sense, accordingly to many countries, the construction doesn’t require any building permission. Building codes can hide some surprises though. I would suggest to head down to your local building department to inquire about what permits you must need (or not) and obtain (if it is necessary). The rules for a tiny house are really similar to an RV. You can park it on your private garden, friends, family’s one or other places. Only one condition is usually required. The tiny house shouldn’t stay more than a limited delay without declaring its presence to the city hall. This delay is obviously proper to every city. Consequently, if you wish to stay longer, you can freely ask the city hall an authorization to stay.
tiny house interior concept

4. Creating a quote for you and sending a contract.

After your design session, our team will create a quote for your tiny house. If you need changes to the existing plans, we’ll create a new drawing: this can take a few weeks, depending on our design pipeline.
We’ll review your quote and final customization plan (your choices for colors, materials, fixtures, etc.) with you.
When you’re ready to finalize your choices and move forward, we’ll send you a build contract.
When we receive your signed contract and first payment (if you’re paying with cash, 60%; if you’re financing, we’ll need the payment from your financial institution) we’ll start ordering materials for your tiny house.

5. We’ll build your tiny house.

Our build schedule varies throughout the year: sometimes we can start building a tiny house right away, and other times there will be other projects in the pipeline. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our build schedule.
Your tiny house, depending on its size and level of complexity, will take 3-6 weeks to build.
We’ll keep in touch with you during the build process. You will get weekly photo updates and information.
tiny house production

6. Pick up your tiny house or have it delivered to your site.

If you’ll be towing your tiny house, you need a vehicle which can tow up to 3.5 tones, and have B1 driving licence.
We recommend to use the services of our delivery partner. Those who do not plan to tow their own tiny house may have it professionally delivered to their site. Contact us for a delivery estimate. We’ll schedule a time with you to ensure you’re on-site when your house is delivered, and we’ll answer any questions you might have about setting it in place.
Tiny House on wheels towing

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